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Nephew's Graduation

May 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

Our Nephew's Graduation from Indiana University

photograph of IU graduate from Kelly school of BusinessIU-2013-170-E-Blog

Dawn and I are the proud Aunt and Uncle of our nephew who graduated from the prestigious Kelley School of Business from Indiana University this past weekend down in Bloomington, Indiana.  Probably me a little more than Dawn, as I graduated from there as well, but Dawn graduated from our arch enemy Purdue!  ;-)

This year the school broke the ceremony up into two events; one was a Business school only ceremony where the graduates actually got to walk across the stage and hear there names called, and the other was for the entire school.  They did not do this when I went to school, I would have like that, but O well.

Photograph of graduation ceremonies at IUIU-2013-046-E-Blog


Below is our nephew with one big *** grin on his face.  And he is allowed that, he deserves it!  We applauded and cheered loud when we heard his name called and he walked across the stage to get his so called "stock certificate" in the Kelley School of Business.

photograph of nephew graduating from business schoolIU-2013-085-E-Blog


pictures of graduate walking across stage.IU-2013-092-E-Blog

photograph of graduate getting diplomaIU-2013-100-E-Blog


After the first ceremony, our nephew and the rest of our family walked around the business school and when we found this banner, we just had to stop and take a picture!  I mean who wouldn't?!

photograph of the proud familyIU-2013-153-E-Blog


Aunt Dawn always has to get in the picture some way, some how.  It must be the Boilermaker in her!  Oh, and she is not dressed up because she is from Purdue and protesting being on the IU campus, but because my nephew only got four tickets for family members and since I had the longer lens I got to attend! LOL  Dawn had to kill the time by driving the two grandmothers and herself around the campus.

picture of graduateIU-2013-157-E-Blog

Indiana University is really adding onto the business school.  As the whole family walked around the Kelley School of Business, I could not help but look at all the new classrooms and lecture halls that had been built since I had graduated back in 19... er, um anyway, it made me reminisce a little on the time I spent at IU.  Some good, some bad, but all to quick at least now, I think when I was there the time went more slowly.  

After photographs at the Kelley School of Business, we went and ate at  Scotty's Brewhouse in downtown Bloomington, Indiana.  I think that might become our new franchise restaurant of choice.  Shocking as we practically live at Logan's Roadhouse, but they have changed their menu so many times and mostly for the worse in our opinion. 

Photograph of restaurant  btown-Scottys

You have to try Scotty's Brewhouse pretzel bread sticks, i think they are deep fried!


The next day Indiana University had one of two main graduations held at the basketball arena; Assembly Hall.  Some of the graduates were seated on the court and the rest were in the regular seats on both sides of the arena.  We sat right above the graduates all the way at the top of the main seating area.  A long way for my 70-200mm lens, but I was happy with how well the it and my Canon 5D Mark II worked along with the noise reduction in Lightroom 4 as I was pushing the limits of the ISO in the camera to its limits!


Photograph of graduation sign at IUIU-2013-178-E-Blog


Graduation ceremony at IU photographIU-2013-255-E-Blog

We left our hotel up in Indianapolis at about 7am and drove the hour or so to Bloomington for the ceremony.  The speakers they had were not all that boring, but I think the early start and dark surroundings had its toll on my mother who took a little nap, until the speaker was done and the applause woke her up.  

photograph of mother sleepingIU-2013-269-E-Blog

The main reason we were there, was not to listen to the inspring speeches of the speakers, but to witness and to celebrate the accomplishments of my nephew.  We are so proud of him!

image of graduate from Indiana UniversityIU-2013-219-E-Blog

Congratulations to Mitchell Parker on getting his degree from the Kelley School of Business and his 8,590 classmates who graduated this weekend as part of Indiana University's Class of 2013 at their 184th Commencement. Your Aunt Dawn and Uncle Michael are proud of you!


Joette Crain (great Aunt)(non-registered)
Dawn and Michael: What a marvelous post this is ! I cried looking at it, knowing all the wonderful moments I have missed with these boys over the years. I am so glad they have an aunt and uncle like you two. I know you must be very proud and it shows in this wonderful post you created. Thank you for creating this for him and the family to see.
Sincerely, Joette Crain
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