Digital Mitchell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Digital Mitchell Photography (Digital Mitchell Photography) Thu, 28 Mar 2024 11:33:00 GMT Thu, 28 Mar 2024 11:33:00 GMT Digital Mitchell Photography: Blog 120 96 Tierra with Flowers and Her Blue Genes We always love working with Tierra, and this time she brought her flowers and blue genes!

208-Tierra With Flowers-Edit208-Tierra With Flowers-Edit

161-Tierra With Flowers161-Tierra With Flowers 204-Tierra With Flowers-Edit-2204-Tierra With Flowers-Edit-2 222-Tierra With Flowers-Edit222-Tierra With Flowers-Edit 242-Tierra With Flowers-Edit242-Tierra With Flowers-Edit 307-Tierra With Flowers-Edit307-Tierra With Flowers-Edit 313-Tierra With Flowers-Edit313-Tierra With Flowers-Edit 452-Tierra With Flowers452-Tierra With Flowers

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Kyra and Tyler's Engagement It was a chilly day on the campus of Notre Dame, but the love between Kyra and Tyler kept us all warm!


16-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement16-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 20-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement20-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 24-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement24-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 32-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement32-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 37-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement37-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 41-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement41-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 47-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement47-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 48-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement48-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 69-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement69-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement 136-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement136-Kyra n Tyler at ND Engagement

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Tiera with her Magazine Cover Tierra is one of our favorite clients, this week she came in to celebrate her two year anniversary of becoming a model and actress, and she brought one of her magazines that she had the cover on which just so happened to be photographed by me!


13-Tierra With Flowers13-Tierra With Flowers 14-Tierra With Flowers14-Tierra With Flowers 26-Tierra With Flowers26-Tierra With Flowers 32-Tierra With Flowers32-Tierra With Flowers 53-Tierra With Flowers53-Tierra With Flowers 57-Tierra With Flowers57-Tierra With Flowers 76-Tierra With Flowers76-Tierra With Flowers 88-Tierra With Flowers88-Tierra With Flowers 452-Tierra With Flowers452-Tierra With Flowers


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Courtney and Joe's Engagement It was a brisk January afternoon but the sun was shining and the love was in the air.   Courtney and Joe first met in grade school and dated on and off until Courtney moved away for her job, but always stayed good friends. When Courtney moved back to the area they rekindled their relationship and soon they "set a date" to be married. 

Joe and Courtney were a pleasure to be with, and Dawn and I were so happy to be part of their wedding plans.


6-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner-Edit6-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner-Edit 16-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner16-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 17-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner17-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 90-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner90-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 96-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner96-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 98-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner98-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 111-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner111-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 139-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner139-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 161-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner161-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 181-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner181-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 187-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner187-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 206-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner206-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner

52-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner52-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 64-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner64-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 78-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner78-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner 231-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner231-Engagement Brisbois_Courtney n Joe Badner

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Adams Hockey Senior Night 2023-24 I had the privilege of photographing the High School team I coached to a state championship, back in 2013, last night and got to see some of my hold friends as well, always a pleasure.


2-Adams Hockey SR Night 20242-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 3-Adams Hockey SR Night 20243-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 5-Adams Hockey SR Night 20245-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 14-Adams Hockey SR Night 202414-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 15-Adams Hockey SR Night 202415-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 16-Adams Hockey SR Night 202416-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 17-Adams Hockey SR Night 202417-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 18-Adams Hockey SR Night 202418-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 19-Adams Hockey SR Night 202419-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 20-Adams Hockey SR Night 202420-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 21-Adams Hockey SR Night 202421-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 22-Adams Hockey SR Night 202422-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 23-Adams Hockey SR Night 202423-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 24-Adams Hockey SR Night 202424-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 25-Adams Hockey SR Night 202425-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 26-Adams Hockey SR Night 202426-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 27-Adams Hockey SR Night 202427-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 28-Adams Hockey SR Night 202428-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 29-Adams Hockey SR Night 202429-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 30-Adams Hockey SR Night 202430-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 31-Adams Hockey SR Night 202431-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 32-Adams Hockey SR Night 202432-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 33-Adams Hockey SR Night 202433-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 34-Adams Hockey SR Night 202434-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 35-Adams Hockey SR Night 202435-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 36-Adams Hockey SR Night 202436-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 37-Adams Hockey SR Night 202437-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 38-Adams Hockey SR Night 202438-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 39-Adams Hockey SR Night 202439-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 40-Adams Hockey SR Night 202440-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 41-Adams Hockey SR Night 202441-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 42-Adams Hockey SR Night 202442-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 43-Adams Hockey SR Night 202443-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 44-Adams Hockey SR Night 202444-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 45-Adams Hockey SR Night 202445-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 46-Adams Hockey SR Night 202446-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 48-Adams Hockey SR Night 202448-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 50-Adams Hockey SR Night 202450-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 52-Adams Hockey SR Night 202452-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 54-Adams Hockey SR Night 202454-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 57-Adams Hockey SR Night 202457-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024 58-Adams Hockey SR Night 202458-Adams Hockey SR Night 2024

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Leanne & Kevin’s Wedding We have gotten to know Leanne over the years because she is part of our local Wedding Network.  We have always enjoyed working with her at events, and also at non events too!  She is a wonderful lady.  We are so fortuanate that from all the photographers she knows she asked us to photograph her wedding!  Even though it was a rainy fall day, the outside wedding went off without a hitch!

501-Leanne Hankins Wedding-2501-Leanne Hankins Wedding-2

423-Leanne Hankins Wedding423-Leanne Hankins Wedding 434-Leanne Hankins Wedding434-Leanne Hankins Wedding 441-Leanne Hankins Wedding441-Leanne Hankins Wedding 449-Leanne Hankins Wedding449-Leanne Hankins Wedding 484-Leanne Hankins Wedding484-Leanne Hankins Wedding 492-Leanne Hankins Wedding492-Leanne Hankins Wedding 501-Leanne Hankins Wedding-2501-Leanne Hankins Wedding-2 46-Leanne Hankins Wedding46-Leanne Hankins Wedding 54-Leanne Hankins Wedding54-Leanne Hankins Wedding 69-Leanne Hankins Wedding69-Leanne Hankins Wedding 72-Leanne Hankins Wedding72-Leanne Hankins Wedding 83-Leanne Hankins Wedding83-Leanne Hankins Wedding 96-Leanne Hankins Wedding96-Leanne Hankins Wedding 100-Leanne Hankins Wedding100-Leanne Hankins Wedding 123-Leanne Hankins Wedding123-Leanne Hankins Wedding 130-Leanne Hankins Wedding-Edit130-Leanne Hankins Wedding-Edit 138-Leanne Hankins Wedding138-Leanne Hankins Wedding 139-Leanne Hankins Wedding139-Leanne Hankins Wedding 147-Leanne Hankins Wedding147-Leanne Hankins Wedding 152-Leanne Hankins Wedding152-Leanne Hankins Wedding 157-Leanne Hankins Wedding157-Leanne Hankins Wedding 159-Leanne Hankins Wedding159-Leanne Hankins Wedding 162-Leanne Hankins Wedding162-Leanne Hankins Wedding 168-Leanne Hankins Wedding168-Leanne Hankins Wedding 170-Leanne Hankins Wedding170-Leanne Hankins Wedding 403-Leanne Hankins Wedding403-Leanne Hankins Wedding 406-Leanne Hankins Wedding406-Leanne Hankins Wedding 423-Leanne Hankins Wedding423-Leanne Hankins Wedding 434-Leanne Hankins Wedding434-Leanne Hankins Wedding 441-Leanne Hankins Wedding441-Leanne Hankins Wedding 449-Leanne Hankins Wedding449-Leanne Hankins Wedding 484-Leanne Hankins Wedding484-Leanne Hankins Wedding 492-Leanne Hankins Wedding492-Leanne Hankins Wedding 510-Leanne Hankins Wedding510-Leanne Hankins Wedding 523-Leanne Hankins Wedding523-Leanne Hankins Wedding 539-Leanne Hankins Wedding539-Leanne Hankins Wedding 552-Leanne Hankins Wedding-2552-Leanne Hankins Wedding-2 552-Leanne Hankins Wedding552-Leanne Hankins Wedding 558-Leanne Hankins Wedding558-Leanne Hankins Wedding 559-Leanne Hankins Wedding559-Leanne Hankins Wedding 575-Leanne Hankins Wedding575-Leanne Hankins Wedding 596-Leanne Hankins Wedding596-Leanne Hankins Wedding 619-Leanne Hankins Wedding619-Leanne Hankins Wedding 627-Leanne Hankins Wedding627-Leanne Hankins Wedding 628-Leanne Hankins Wedding628-Leanne Hankins Wedding 638-Leanne Hankins Wedding638-Leanne Hankins Wedding 644-Leanne Hankins Wedding644-Leanne Hankins Wedding 649-Leanne Hankins Wedding649-Leanne Hankins Wedding 655-Leanne Hankins Wedding655-Leanne Hankins Wedding 658-Leanne Hankins Wedding658-Leanne Hankins Wedding 666-Leanne Hankins Wedding666-Leanne Hankins Wedding 693-Leanne Hankins Wedding693-Leanne Hankins Wedding 708-Leanne Hankins Wedding-Edit708-Leanne Hankins Wedding-Edit

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Just In Time For Halloween Car Show We photographed the Destiny's Caring Hands Car Show 2023 and one caught my eye for Halloween.  Look close at the artwork.


1-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20231-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 2-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20232-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 3-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20233-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 4-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20234-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 5-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20235-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 6-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20236-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 7-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20237-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 8-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20238-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 9-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 20239-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 10-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202310-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 11-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202311-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 12-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202312-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 13-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202313-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 14-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202314-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 15-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202315-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 16-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202316-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 17-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202317-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 18-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202318-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 20-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202320-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 21-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202321-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 23-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202323-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 24-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202324-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 26-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202326-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 29-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202329-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023 30-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 202330-Destinys Caring Hands Car Show 2023

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Behind the scenes fun with the ladies of NHS Cheer Behind the scenes fun with the ladies of NHS Cheer during their school team sports photo session.  We took them all out to a "not at school" location and they had a blast with it!


22-NHS 2023 Cheer22-NHS 2023 Cheer 23-NHS 2023 Cheer23-NHS 2023 Cheer 24-NHS 2023 Cheer24-NHS 2023 Cheer 25-NHS 2023 Cheer25-NHS 2023 Cheer 26-NHS 2023 Cheer26-NHS 2023 Cheer 27-NHS 2023 Cheer27-NHS 2023 Cheer 28-NHS 2023 Cheer28-NHS 2023 Cheer 29-NHS 2023 Cheer29-NHS 2023 Cheer 30-NHS 2023 Cheer30-NHS 2023 Cheer 31-NHS 2023 Cheer31-NHS 2023 Cheer 42-NHS 2023 Cheer42-NHS 2023 Cheer 43-NHS 2023 Cheer43-NHS 2023 Cheer 44-NHS 2023 Cheer44-NHS 2023 Cheer 45-NHS 2023 Cheer45-NHS 2023 Cheer 46-NHS 2023 Cheer46-NHS 2023 Cheer 47-NHS 2023 Cheer47-NHS 2023 Cheer 48-NHS 2023 Cheer48-NHS 2023 Cheer 49-NHS 2023 Cheer49-NHS 2023 Cheer


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VIDEO-Mariah's Red Quinceañera Dress Mariah's Red Quinceañera Dress in the Gardens


(Digital Mitchell Photography) Quinceañera video Sat, 26 Aug 2023 12:30:00 GMT
Natalie Quinceañera Natalie was a pure joy to be around, her smile is so lovely.

Quinceanera-Natalie-1Quinceanera-Natalie-1 Quinceanera-Natalie-2Quinceanera-Natalie-2 Quinceanera-Natalie-3Quinceanera-Natalie-3 Quinceanera-Natalie-4Quinceanera-Natalie-4 Quinceanera-Natalie-5Quinceanera-Natalie-5 Quinceanera-Natalie-6Quinceanera-Natalie-6 Quinceanera-Natalie-7Quinceanera-Natalie-7 Quinceanera-Natalie-8Quinceanera-Natalie-8 Quinceanera-Natalie-9Quinceanera-Natalie-9 Quinceanera-Natalie-10Quinceanera-Natalie-10 Quinceanera-Natalie-11Quinceanera-Natalie-11 Quinceanera-Natalie-12Quinceanera-Natalie-12 Quinceanera-Natalie-13Quinceanera-Natalie-13 Quinceanera-Natalie-14Quinceanera-Natalie-14 Quinceanera-Natalie-15Quinceanera-Natalie-15 Quinceanera-Natalie-16Quinceanera-Natalie-16 Quinceanera-Natalie-17Quinceanera-Natalie-17 Quinceanera-Natalie-18Quinceanera-Natalie-18 Quinceanera-Natalie-19Quinceanera-Natalie-19 Quinceanera-Natalie-20Quinceanera-Natalie-20 Quinceanera-Natalie-21Quinceanera-Natalie-21 Quinceanera-Natalie-22Quinceanera-Natalie-22 Quinceanera-Natalie-23Quinceanera-Natalie-23 Quinceanera-Natalie-24Quinceanera-Natalie-24 Quinceanera-Natalie-25Quinceanera-Natalie-25 Quinceanera-Natalie-26Quinceanera-Natalie-26 Quinceanera-Natalie-27Quinceanera-Natalie-27 Quinceanera-Natalie-28Quinceanera-Natalie-28 Quinceanera-Natalie-29Quinceanera-Natalie-29 Quinceanera-Natalie-30Quinceanera-Natalie-30 Quinceanera-Natalie-31Quinceanera-Natalie-31 Quinceanera-Natalie-32Quinceanera-Natalie-32 Quinceanera-Natalie-33Quinceanera-Natalie-33 Quinceanera-Natalie-34Quinceanera-Natalie-34 Quinceanera-Natalie-35Quinceanera-Natalie-35 Quinceanera-Natalie-36Quinceanera-Natalie-36 Quinceanera-Natalie-37Quinceanera-Natalie-37 Quinceanera-Natalie-38Quinceanera-Natalie-38 Quinceanera-Natalie-39Quinceanera-Natalie-39 Quinceanera-Natalie-40Quinceanera-Natalie-40 Quinceanera-Natalie-41Quinceanera-Natalie-41 Quinceanera-Natalie-42Quinceanera-Natalie-42 Quinceanera-Natalie-43Quinceanera-Natalie-43 Quinceanera-Natalie-44Quinceanera-Natalie-44 Quinceanera-Natalie-45Quinceanera-Natalie-45 Quinceanera-Natalie-46Quinceanera-Natalie-46 Quinceanera-Natalie-47Quinceanera-Natalie-47 Quinceanera-Natalie-48Quinceanera-Natalie-48 Quinceanera-Natalie-49Quinceanera-Natalie-49 Quinceanera-Natalie-50Quinceanera-Natalie-50 Quinceanera-Natalie-51Quinceanera-Natalie-51 Quinceanera-Natalie-52Quinceanera-Natalie-52 Quinceanera-Natalie-53Quinceanera-Natalie-53 Quinceanera-Natalie-54Quinceanera-Natalie-54 Quinceanera-Natalie-55Quinceanera-Natalie-55 Quinceanera-Natalie-56Quinceanera-Natalie-56 Quinceanera-Natalie-57Quinceanera-Natalie-57


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Kimberly's Quinceañera Kimberly wore a lovely golden Quinceañera gown and she was stunning in it as you can see below.

Quinceanera-Kim-1Quinceanera-Kim-1 Quinceanera-Kim-2Quinceanera-Kim-2 Quinceanera-Kim-3Quinceanera-Kim-3 Quinceanera-Kim-4Quinceanera-Kim-4 Quinceanera-Kim-5Quinceanera-Kim-5 Quinceanera-Kim-6Quinceanera-Kim-6 Quinceanera-Kim-7Quinceanera-Kim-7 Quinceanera-Kim-8Quinceanera-Kim-8 Quinceanera-Kim-9Quinceanera-Kim-9 Quinceanera-Kim-10Quinceanera-Kim-10 Quinceanera-Kim-11Quinceanera-Kim-11 Quinceanera-Kim-12Quinceanera-Kim-12 Quinceanera-Kim-13Quinceanera-Kim-13 Quinceanera-Kim-14Quinceanera-Kim-14 Quinceanera-Kim-15Quinceanera-Kim-15 Quinceanera-Kim-16Quinceanera-Kim-16 Quinceanera-Kim-17Quinceanera-Kim-17 Quinceanera-Kim-18Quinceanera-Kim-18 Quinceanera-Kim-19Quinceanera-Kim-19 Quinceanera-Kim-20Quinceanera-Kim-20 Quinceanera-Kim-21Quinceanera-Kim-21 Quinceanera-Kim-22Quinceanera-Kim-22 Quinceanera-Kim-23Quinceanera-Kim-23 Quinceanera-Kim-24Quinceanera-Kim-24 Quinceanera-Kim-25Quinceanera-Kim-25 Quinceanera-Kim-26Quinceanera-Kim-26 Quinceanera-Kim-27Quinceanera-Kim-27 Quinceanera-Kim-28Quinceanera-Kim-28 Quinceanera-Kim-29Quinceanera-Kim-29 Quinceanera-Kim-30Quinceanera-Kim-30 Quinceanera-Kim-31Quinceanera-Kim-31 Quinceanera-Kim-32Quinceanera-Kim-32 Quinceanera-Kim-33Quinceanera-Kim-33 Quinceanera-Kim-34Quinceanera-Kim-34 Quinceanera-Kim-35Quinceanera-Kim-35 Quinceanera-Kim-36Quinceanera-Kim-36 Quinceanera-Kim-37Quinceanera-Kim-37 Quinceanera-Kim-38Quinceanera-Kim-38 Quinceanera-Kim-39Quinceanera-Kim-39 Quinceanera-Kim-40Quinceanera-Kim-40 Quinceanera-Kim-41Quinceanera-Kim-41 Quinceanera-Kim-42Quinceanera-Kim-42 Quinceanera-Kim-43Quinceanera-Kim-43 Quinceanera-Kim-44Quinceanera-Kim-44 Quinceanera-Kim-45Quinceanera-Kim-45 Quinceanera-Kim-46Quinceanera-Kim-46 Quinceanera-Kim-47Quinceanera-Kim-47 Quinceanera-Kim-48Quinceanera-Kim-48 Quinceanera-Kim-49Quinceanera-Kim-49 Quinceanera-Kim-50Quinceanera-Kim-50 Quinceanera-Kim-51Quinceanera-Kim-51 Quinceanera-Kim-52Quinceanera-Kim-52 Quinceanera-Kim-53Quinceanera-Kim-53 Quinceanera-Kim-54Quinceanera-Kim-54 Quinceanera-Kim-55Quinceanera-Kim-55 Quinceanera-Kim-56Quinceanera-Kim-56 Quinceanera-Kim-57Quinceanera-Kim-57 Quinceanera-Kim-58Quinceanera-Kim-58 Quinceanera-Kim-59Quinceanera-Kim-59 Quinceanera-Kim-60Quinceanera-Kim-60 Quinceanera-Kim-61Quinceanera-Kim-61 Quinceanera-Kim-62Quinceanera-Kim-62 Quinceanera-Kim-63Quinceanera-Kim-63 Quinceanera-Kim-64Quinceanera-Kim-64 Quinceanera-Kim-65Quinceanera-Kim-65 Quinceanera-Kim-66Quinceanera-Kim-66

(Digital Mitchell Photography) photography Quinceañera Sat, 15 Jul 2023 18:45:00 GMT
VIDEO-Kimberly's Quinceañera Kimberly's Quinceañera 


(Digital Mitchell Photography) Quinceañera video Sat, 15 Jul 2023 12:00:00 GMT
VIDEO-Natalie Quinceañera Full Length 4k Natalie Quinceañera Full Length 4k video


(Digital Mitchell Photography) Quinceañera video Sat, 15 Jul 2023 11:45:00 GMT
VIDEO-Natalie's Quinceañera in the Garden The lovely Natalie in her lovely Quinceanera dress.





(Digital Mitchell Photography) Quinceañera video Sat, 15 Jul 2023 11:30:00 GMT
NHS 2023 Boys Cross Country Senior Banners We love photographing and creating our Senior Banners for our schools.  Here are some for the cross country team.


NHS XC 2023 - Doubles 24x36NHS XC 2023 - Doubles 24x36 NHS XC 2023 - Trevin Schlabach 24x36NHS XC 2023 - Trevin Schlabach 24x36
NHS XC 2023 - Cole Hively 24x36NHS XC 2023 - Cole Hively 24x36 NHS XC 2023 - David Gingerich 24x36NHS XC 2023 - David Gingerich 24x36 NHS XC 2023 - David Miller24x36NHS XC 2023 - David Miller24x36 NHS XC 2023 - Jacob Osborn 24x36NHS XC 2023 - Jacob Osborn 24x36 NHS XC 2023 - Max Estep 24x36NHS XC 2023 - Max Estep 24x36 NHS XC 2023 - Max Rickly 24x36NHS XC 2023 - Max Rickly 24x36 NHS XC 2023 -Carter Adams 24x36NHS XC 2023 -Carter Adams 24x36



(Digital Mitchell Photography) Banners Senior Banner Sat, 01 Jul 2023 18:40:00 GMT
Miranda & Cameron's Wedding Day Miranda and Cameron's wedding day was full of joy and happiness.   It was such a wonderful thing to be part of Miranda's life from her Senior pictures, to her Engagement pictures and now her Wedding day.  Even though it was a cold and rainy day outside, inside it was warm and loving.  The venue for the event was Port 393 in Holland, Michigan. 13-Miranda n Cameron13-Miranda n Cameron 17-Miranda n Cameron17-Miranda n Cameron 18-Miranda n Cameron18-Miranda n Cameron 27-Miranda n Cameron27-Miranda n Cameron 29-Miranda n Cameron29-Miranda n Cameron 85-Miranda n Cameron85-Miranda n Cameron 108-Miranda n Cameron108-Miranda n Cameron 109-Miranda n Cameron109-Miranda n Cameron


122-Miranda n Cameron122-Miranda n Cameron 257-Miranda n Cameron257-Miranda n Cameron 268-Miranda n Cameron268-Miranda n Cameron 276-Miranda n Cameron276-Miranda n Cameron 301-Miranda n Cameron301-Miranda n Cameron 340-Miranda n Cameron340-Miranda n Cameron 362-Miranda n Cameron362-Miranda n Cameron 368-Miranda n Cameron368-Miranda n Cameron 372-Miranda n Cameron372-Miranda n Cameron 383-Miranda n Cameron383-Miranda n Cameron 389-Miranda n Cameron389-Miranda n Cameron 392-Miranda n Cameron392-Miranda n Cameron 393-Miranda n Cameron393-Miranda n Cameron 395-Miranda n Cameron395-Miranda n Cameron 399-Miranda n Cameron399-Miranda n Cameron 408-Miranda n Cameron408-Miranda n Cameron 420-Miranda n Cameron420-Miranda n Cameron 424-Miranda n Cameron424-Miranda n Cameron 437-Miranda n Cameron437-Miranda n Cameron 439-Miranda n Cameron439-Miranda n Cameron 442-Miranda n Cameron442-Miranda n Cameron 453-Miranda n Cameron453-Miranda n Cameron 455-Miranda n Cameron455-Miranda n Cameron 458-Miranda n Cameron458-Miranda n Cameron 473-Miranda n Cameron473-Miranda n Cameron 481-Miranda n Cameron481-Miranda n Cameron 485-Miranda n Cameron485-Miranda n Cameron 488-Miranda n Cameron488-Miranda n Cameron 492-Miranda n Cameron492-Miranda n Cameron 511-Miranda n Cameron511-Miranda n Cameron 517-Miranda n Cameron517-Miranda n Cameron 526-Miranda n Cameron526-Miranda n Cameron 533-Miranda n Cameron533-Miranda n Cameron 540-Miranda n Cameron540-Miranda n Cameron 557-Miranda n Cameron557-Miranda n Cameron 573-Miranda n Cameron573-Miranda n Cameron 582-Miranda n Cameron582-Miranda n Cameron 584-Miranda n Cameron584-Miranda n Cameron 590-Miranda n Cameron590-Miranda n Cameron 596-Miranda n Cameron596-Miranda n Cameron 601-Miranda n Cameron601-Miranda n Cameron 606-Miranda n Cameron606-Miranda n Cameron 609-Miranda n Cameron609-Miranda n Cameron 613-Miranda n Cameron613-Miranda n Cameron 616-Miranda n Cameron616-Miranda n Cameron 629-Miranda n Cameron629-Miranda n Cameron 634-Miranda n Cameron634-Miranda n Cameron 638-Miranda n Cameron638-Miranda n Cameron 654-Miranda n Cameron654-Miranda n Cameron 661-Miranda n Cameron661-Miranda n Cameron

(Digital Mitchell Photography) wedding Thu, 16 Mar 2023 21:30:00 GMT
Nicole on Snow We just love how this pinup style photo session with the lovely Nicole turned out.


221-Nicole in snow with red hair-2221-Nicole in snow with red hair-2


12-Nicole in snow with red hair12-Nicole in snow with red hair 13-Nicole in snow with red hair13-Nicole in snow with red hair 40-Nicole in snow with red hair40-Nicole in snow with red hair

154-Nicole in snow with red hair-2154-Nicole in snow with red hair-2




41-Nicole in snow with red hair41-Nicole in snow with red hair 55-Nicole in snow with red hair55-Nicole in snow with red hair 61-Nicole in snow with red hair61-Nicole in snow with red hair 111-Nicole in snow with red hair111-Nicole in snow with red hair 154-Nicole in snow with red hair154-Nicole in snow with red hair 182-Nicole in snow with red hair182-Nicole in snow with red hair 204-Nicole in snow with red hair204-Nicole in snow with red hair 221-Nicole in snow with red hair221-Nicole in snow with red hair

182-Nicole in snow with red hair-2182-Nicole in snow with red hair-2


270-Nicole in snow with red hair270-Nicole in snow with red hair 284-Nicole in snow with red hair284-Nicole in snow with red hair

(Digital Mitchell Photography) pinup snow Fri, 24 Feb 2023 13:54:15 GMT
The Springer Family One of our long time family friends has a family of her own, and Michael and I were so very lucky to be able to photograph their new family portraits.


13-Lesli Springer Family13-Lesli Springer Family 24-Lesli Springer Family24-Lesli Springer Family 30-Lesli Springer Family30-Lesli Springer Family 64-Lesli Springer Family64-Lesli Springer Family 89-Lesli Springer Family89-Lesli Springer Family 104-Lesli Springer Family104-Lesli Springer Family 124-Lesli Springer Family124-Lesli Springer Family 140-Lesli Springer Family140-Lesli Springer Family 163-Lesli Springer Family163-Lesli Springer Family 173-Lesli Springer Family173-Lesli Springer Family 209-Lesli Springer Family209-Lesli Springer Family


(Digital Mitchell Photography) Family outside Fri, 09 Dec 2022 15:29:41 GMT
Rachel's Senior Photos Rachel wanted to show off both sides of her high school personality and here they are:


266-Rachel Davidson266-Rachel Davidson 97-Rachel Davidson97-Rachel Davidson 105-Rachel Davidson105-Rachel Davidson 140-Rachel Davidson140-Rachel Davidson 187-Rachel Davidson187-Rachel Davidson 222-Rachel Davidson222-Rachel Davidson 233-Rachel Davidson233-Rachel Davidson 236-Rachel Davidson236-Rachel Davidson 250-Rachel Davidson250-Rachel Davidson 259-Rachel Davidson259-Rachel Davidson

(Digital Mitchell Photography) band high school senior Mon, 26 Sep 2022 13:13:20 GMT
Volleyball Senior Banners We love making these "Extreme" Senior Banners for our high school teams.  This was our latest session at the school.  The girls did a great job and we had so much fun.


Allie2Allie2 Ashlyn2Ashlyn2 Hannah2Hannah2 Macie2Macie2 Regan2Regan2 Skye2Skye2

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Banners Concord Extreme High School Senior SR Volleyball Tue, 30 Aug 2022 13:41:15 GMT
Tierra's CD Promotion Photo Session Tierra is one of our favorite people to photograph and in this session she is showcasing the latest CD drop!

We started the session outside on the back streets of Elkhart.  Tierra was styled in a long white T-Shirt with a black ball cap featuring a large timepiece. (I love watches and this one caught my eye because it actually worked!)  She wore black patent leather boots that looked great with here long legs.

We then switched outfits to a long red T-Shirt with matching patent red boots. The red contrasted well with her lovely black lipstick and long black, wavy hair.

We finished the photo session by going back inside the studio and shooting on the white seamless paper.  Tierra rocked a long black T-Shirt accompanied with her black patent boots and then we added a large black boombox to the set.  She certainly rocked it all out! 


1217-Tierra CD Cover1217-Tierra CD Cover 1245-Tierra CD Cover1245-Tierra CD Cover 1288-Tierra CD Cover1288-Tierra CD Cover 1307-Tierra CD Cover1307-Tierra CD Cover 1321-Tierra CD Cover1321-Tierra CD Cover 1332-Tierra CD Cover1332-Tierra CD Cover 1381-Tierra CD Cover1381-Tierra CD Cover

1406-Tierra CD Cover1406-Tierra CD Cover 1436-Tierra CD Cover1436-Tierra CD Cover 1496-Tierra CD Cover1496-Tierra CD Cover

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Fri, 22 Jul 2022 13:32:49 GMT
Jordan and TJ's Wedding Day Jordan and TJ met because of a volleyball.  They both loved the sport and soon fell in love with each other.  Michael and I were so happy to be part of their most special day.


1A-1302-Jordan n TJ1A-1302-Jordan n TJ 1B-1233-Jordan n TJ1B-1233-Jordan n TJ 1C-81-Jordan n TJ1C-81-Jordan n TJ 1D-1269-Jordan n TJ1D-1269-Jordan n TJ 1D2-1205-Jordan n TJ1D2-1205-Jordan n TJ 1D3-1231-Jordan n TJ1D3-1231-Jordan n TJ 1D4-1260-Jordan n TJ1D4-1260-Jordan n TJ 1E-39-Jordan n TJ1E-39-Jordan n TJ 1F-177-Jordan n TJ1F-177-Jordan n TJ 1G-92-Jordan n TJ1G-92-Jordan n TJ 1H-99-Jordan n TJ1H-99-Jordan n TJ 1I-127-Jordan n TJ1I-127-Jordan n TJ 1J-206-Jordan n TJ1J-206-Jordan n TJ 1K-171-Jordan n TJ1K-171-Jordan n TJ 1L-224-Jordan n TJ1L-224-Jordan n TJ 1M-246-Jordan n TJ1M-246-Jordan n TJ 1N-134-Jordan n TJ1N-134-Jordan n TJ 1O-157-Jordan n TJ1O-157-Jordan n TJ 1P-313-Jordan n TJ1P-313-Jordan n TJ 1Q-319-Jordan n TJ1Q-319-Jordan n TJ 1R-1667-Jordan n TJ1R-1667-Jordan n TJ 1S-1670-Jordan n TJ1S-1670-Jordan n TJ 1T-330-Jordan n TJ1T-330-Jordan n TJ 1U-1561-Jordan n TJ1U-1561-Jordan n TJ 1V-1646-Jordan n TJ1V-1646-Jordan n TJ 1W-347-Jordan n TJ1W-347-Jordan n TJ 1X-1522-Jordan n TJ1X-1522-Jordan n TJ 1Z-1331-Jordan n TJ1Z-1331-Jordan n TJ 2A-1329-Jordan n TJ2A-1329-Jordan n TJ 2B-355-Jordan n TJ2B-355-Jordan n TJ 2C-367-Jordan n TJ2C-367-Jordan n TJ 2C1-696-Jordan n TJ2C1-696-Jordan n TJ 2D-388-Jordan n TJ2D-388-Jordan n TJ 2E-1413-Jordan n TJ2E-1413-Jordan n TJ 2F-391-Jordan n TJ2F-391-Jordan n TJ 2G-397-Jordan n TJ2G-397-Jordan n TJ 2H-410-Jordan n TJ2H-410-Jordan n TJ 2I-407-Jordan n TJ2I-407-Jordan n TJ 2J-563-Jordan n TJ2J-563-Jordan n TJ 2K-593-Jordan n TJ2K-593-Jordan n TJ 2L-434-Jordan n TJ2L-434-Jordan n TJ 2M-438-Jordan n TJ2M-438-Jordan n TJ 2N-454-Jordan n TJ2N-454-Jordan n TJ 2O-455-Jordan n TJ2O-455-Jordan n TJ 2P-461-Jordan n TJ2P-461-Jordan n TJ 2Q-477-Jordan n TJ2Q-477-Jordan n TJ 2R-1626-Jordan n TJ2R-1626-Jordan n TJ 2S-542-Jordan n TJ2S-542-Jordan n TJ 2T-546-Jordan n TJ2T-546-Jordan n TJ 947-Jordan n TJ947-Jordan n TJ 977-Jordan n TJ977-Jordan n TJ 979-Jordan n TJ979-Jordan n TJ 994-Jordan n TJ994-Jordan n TJ 1016-Jordan n TJ1016-Jordan n TJ 1028-Jordan n TJ1028-Jordan n TJ 1034-Jordan n TJ1034-Jordan n TJ 1041-Jordan n TJ1041-Jordan n TJ 1047-Jordan n TJ1047-Jordan n TJ 1060-Jordan n TJ1060-Jordan n TJ 1070-Jordan n TJ1070-Jordan n TJ 1073-Jordan n TJ1073-Jordan n TJ 1081-Jordan n TJ1081-Jordan n TJ 1091-Jordan n TJ1091-Jordan n TJ 1094-Jordan n TJ1094-Jordan n TJ 1098-Jordan n TJ1098-Jordan n TJ 1111-Jordan n TJ1111-Jordan n TJ 1113-Jordan n TJ1113-Jordan n TJ 1114-Jordan n TJ1114-Jordan n TJ 1116-Jordan n TJ1116-Jordan n TJ 1119-Jordan n TJ1119-Jordan n TJ 1120-Jordan n TJ1120-Jordan n TJ 1123-Jordan n TJ1123-Jordan n TJ 1125-Jordan n TJ1125-Jordan n TJ 1136-Jordan n TJ1136-Jordan n TJ 1139-Jordan n TJ1139-Jordan n TJ 1141-Jordan n TJ1141-Jordan n TJ 1142-Jordan n TJ1142-Jordan n TJ 1146-Jordan n TJ1146-Jordan n TJ 1148-Jordan n TJ1148-Jordan n TJ 1149-Jordan n TJ1149-Jordan n TJ 1152-Jordan n TJ1152-Jordan n TJ 1156-Jordan n TJ1156-Jordan n TJ 1163-Jordan n TJ1163-Jordan n TJ Z-816-Jordan n TJZ-816-Jordan n TJ Z1-837-Jordan n TJZ1-837-Jordan n TJ

(Digital Mitchell Photography) wedding Sat, 16 Jul 2022 04:45:00 GMT
Abby and Austin's Wedding at Notre Dame Notre Dame was the backstage for this wedding, and it was a gorgeous day to be on the campus.  Abby and Austin, along with their wedding party were framed by the unique architecture of the stone made buildings.  

34-Abby n Austin34-Abby n Austin 43-Abby n Austin43-Abby n Austin 52-Abby n Austin52-Abby n Austin 185-Abby n Austin185-Abby n Austin 190-Abby n Austin190-Abby n Austin 207-Abby n Austin207-Abby n Austin 222-Abby n Austin222-Abby n Austin 225-Abby n Austin225-Abby n Austin 234-Abby n Austin234-Abby n Austin 237-Abby n Austin237-Abby n Austin 244-Abby n Austin244-Abby n Austin 283-Abby n Austin283-Abby n Austin 289-Abby n Austin289-Abby n Austin 291-Abby n Austin291-Abby n Austin 307-Abby n Austin307-Abby n Austin 345-Abby n Austin345-Abby n Austin 349-Abby n Austin349-Abby n Austin 364-Abby n Austin364-Abby n Austin 371-Abby n Austin371-Abby n Austin 399-Abby n Austin399-Abby n Austin 402-Abby n Austin402-Abby n Austin 429-Abby n Austin429-Abby n Austin 430-Abby n Austin430-Abby n Austin 439-Abby n Austin439-Abby n Austin 444-Abby n Austin444-Abby n Austin 448-Abby n Austin448-Abby n Austin 455-Abby n Austin455-Abby n Austin 500-Abby n Austin500-Abby n Austin 520-Abby n Austin520-Abby n Austin 525-Abby n Austin525-Abby n Austin 576-Abby n Austin576-Abby n Austin 1009-Abby n Austin1009-Abby n Austin 1012-Abby n Austin1012-Abby n Austin 1016-Abby n Austin1016-Abby n Austin 1019-Abby n Austin1019-Abby n Austin 1023-Abby n Austin1023-Abby n Austin 1028-Abby n Austin1028-Abby n Austin 1030-Abby n Austin1030-Abby n Austin 1034-Abby n Austin1034-Abby n Austin 1036-Abby n Austin1036-Abby n Austin 1046-Abby n Austin1046-Abby n Austin 1050-Abby n Austin1050-Abby n Austin 1051-Abby n Austin1051-Abby n Austin 1066-Abby n Austin1066-Abby n Austin 1074-Abby n Austin1074-Abby n Austin 1110-Abby n Austin1110-Abby n Austin 1155-Abby n Austin1155-Abby n Austin 1201-Abby n Austin1201-Abby n Austin 1205-Abby n Austin1205-Abby n Austin 1226-Abby n Austin1226-Abby n Austin 1448-Abby n Austin1448-Abby n Austin 2076-Abby n Austin2076-Abby n Austin 2079-Abby n Austin2079-Abby n Austin 2081-Abby n Austin2081-Abby n Austin

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Dame Notre wedding Sat, 02 Jul 2022 19:00:00 GMT
Little Donna We had a blast playing dress up with this little one.  She was all smiles and happiness.  


22-Donna Stitt-Edit22-Donna Stitt-Edit 64-Donna Stitt64-Donna Stitt 78-Donna Stitt78-Donna Stitt 95-Donna Stitt95-Donna Stitt 183-Donna Stitt183-Donna Stitt 187-Donna Stitt187-Donna Stitt

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Child children portrait Thu, 14 Apr 2022 18:26:09 GMT
Tierra in White A great photo session with Tierra, below are some of our favorites.


5-Tierra Johnson5-Tierra Johnson 35-Tierra Johnson-Edit35-Tierra Johnson-Edit 43-Tierra Johnson43-Tierra Johnson 63-Tierra Johnson-Edit63-Tierra Johnson-Edit 67-Tierra Johnson-Edit67-Tierra Johnson-Edit 78-Tierra Johnson78-Tierra Johnson 96-Tierra Johnson-Edit96-Tierra Johnson-Edit 108-Tierra Johnson108-Tierra Johnson 160-Tierra Johnson160-Tierra Johnson 165-Tierra Johnson165-Tierra Johnson 178-Tierra Johnson178-Tierra Johnson 253-Tierra Johnson253-Tierra Johnson 280-Tierra Johnson280-Tierra Johnson 295-Tierra Johnson295-Tierra Johnson 300-Tierra Johnson300-Tierra Johnson 311-Tierra Johnson311-Tierra Johnson 324-Tierra Johnson324-Tierra Johnson 349-Tierra Johnson349-Tierra Johnson 379-Tierra Johnson379-Tierra Johnson 389-Tierra Johnson389-Tierra Johnson 400-Tierra Johnson-Edit400-Tierra Johnson-Edit

(Digital Mitchell Photography) portrait Tue, 22 Feb 2022 21:43:02 GMT
Yellow Cat Cafe food Here are some of the images of their food I took for Uber Eats, nothing special as they don't let me be creative, just plane vanilla food photography for their website, but they still look delicious!

Go check them out Yellow Cat Cafe in Lakeville Indiana


Bacon Cheeseburger with FriesBacon Cheeseburger with Fries BLTBLT Chefs Salid and ChiliChefs Salid and Chili Chefs SalidChefs Salid Chili with Meat and BeansChili with Meat and Beans Eggs and BaconEggs and Bacon Giant Ham Steak and EggsGiant Ham Steak and Eggs Giant Ham SteakGiant Ham Steak Two Biscuit and PotatoesTwo Biscuit and Potatoes Vegetarian OmletVegetarian Omlet



(Digital Mitchell Photography) food Tue, 22 Feb 2022 21:15:31 GMT
A Walk In The Woods In Winter 21-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22-Pano21-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22-Pano 60-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2260-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 69-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2269-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 77-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2277-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 79-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2279-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 82-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2282-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 85-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2285-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 87-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2287-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 88-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2288-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 92-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2292-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 95-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-2295-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 101-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22101-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 103-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22103-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 107-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22107-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 117-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22117-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 118-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22118-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 120-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22120-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 127-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22127-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 134-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22134-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 141-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22141-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 143-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22143-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22 148-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22-Pano148-Cobus Creek Winter 2-18-22-Pano


You can view the video of my walk on my YouTube Channel HERE.



(Digital Mitchell Photography) outside park snow winter Mon, 21 Feb 2022 12:38:14 GMT
Donovan Session on Gray Donovan's Stylized photo session at the studio, he brought the looks.

21-DonovanChestPlate21-DonovanChestPlate 54-DonovanChestPlate54-DonovanChestPlate 63-DonovanChestPlate63-DonovanChestPlate 66-DonovanChestPlate66-DonovanChestPlate 79-DonovanChestPlate79-DonovanChestPlate 97-DonovanChestPlate97-DonovanChestPlate 106-DonovanChestPlate106-DonovanChestPlate 165-DonovanChestPlate165-DonovanChestPlate 181-DonovanChestPlate-Edit181-DonovanChestPlate-Edit 194-DonovanChestPlate-Edit194-DonovanChestPlate-Edit

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Stylized Sun, 13 Feb 2022 22:12:31 GMT
Bridal show 2022 We had a booth at this year's Bridal Spectacular held at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN.  Afterwards Michael and I went and had a little early Valentines dinner.


20220212_10144420220212_101444 20220212_11131320220212_111313 20220212_14184220220212_141842

On to dinner.

20220212_16093120220212_160931 20220212_16474120220212_164741 20220212_16495020220212_164950 20220212_17092920220212_170929

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Bridal Show Sat, 12 Feb 2022 22:30:00 GMT
A Fun Head Shot Session with Kourtni Todays photo session was a head shot for a local realtor, and it was a hoot from the start to the finish.  I had so much fin and so did Kourtni and we were able to capture her real smile!


179-Kourtni Wolfe179-Kourtni Wolfe 4-Kourtni Wolfe4-Kourtni Wolfe 178-Kourtni Wolfe178-Kourtni Wolfe 99-Kourtni Wolfe99-Kourtni Wolfe 128-Kourtni Wolfe128-Kourtni Wolfe

(Digital Mitchell Photography) head shot Tue, 25 Jan 2022 13:45:00 GMT
FatBirdFood We got the opportunity to photograph some of the main entrees  at a new restaurant in town called FatBirds located in downtown South Bend. The food all smelled and looked so good it really was difficult not to eat them when they first came out!  I was fortunate enough to be offered to take them home after the photo shoot, which I did and they were delicious! 


49-Fat Birds-LoRes49-Fat Birds-LoRes 14-Fat Birds-LoRes14-Fat Birds-LoRes 17-Fat Birds-LoRes17-Fat Birds-LoRes 22-Fat Birds-LoRes22-Fat Birds-LoRes 30-Fat Birds-LoRes30-Fat Birds-LoRes 38-Fat Birds-LoRes38-Fat Birds-LoRes 41-Fat Birds-LoRes41-Fat Birds-LoRes

(Digital Mitchell Photography) food photography restaurant Mon, 17 Jan 2022 14:00:00 GMT
Baby Twins Birthday Cake Smash So we had these two lovelies in the studio and they were so much fun!  We have known them since before they were born...we photographed their parents wedding!

It amazes me that babies will put anything and everything into their mouths that they are not supposed to, but put a cake in front of these two and neither wanted to touch it!  We all stood around thinking:  "What is the matter with these two?!" and laughing. 

We might have helped them get "acquainted" with the cake after a while to help get things started.  It all worked out well in the end!


226-Scarlett and Henry-Edit226-Scarlett and Henry-Edit 229-Scarlett and Henry229-Scarlett and Henry 187-Scarlett and Henry187-Scarlett and Henry 235-Scarlett and Henry235-Scarlett and Henry

246-Scarlett and Henry246-Scarlett and Henry

(Digital Mitchell Photography) baby birthday cake cake smash twins Thu, 13 Jan 2022 00:25:21 GMT
Baby Twins Christmas Session Twins at Christmas time, we just love having them in the studio.  Love their outfits and expressions! 



27-Scarlett and Henry27-Scarlett and Henry 48-Scarlett and Henry48-Scarlett and Henry 69-Scarlett and Henry69-Scarlett and Henry 88-Scarlett and Henry88-Scarlett and Henry 96-Scarlett and Henry96-Scarlett and Henry 107-Scarlett and Henry107-Scarlett and Henry 112-Scarlett and Henry112-Scarlett and Henry 149-Scarlett and Henry149-Scarlett and Henry 159-Scarlett and Henry159-Scarlett and Henry 170-Scarlett and Henry170-Scarlett and Henry 177-Scarlett and Henry177-Scarlett and Henry

(Digital Mitchell Photography) baby Christmas twins Wed, 22 Dec 2021 00:45:00 GMT
Christmas PJ Session 11-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202011-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 17-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202017-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 19-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202019-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 22-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202022-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 56-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202056-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 57-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202057-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 62-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202062-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 83-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 202083-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 118-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020118-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 133-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020133-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 138-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020138-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 151-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020151-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 180-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020180-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 186-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020186-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 190-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020190-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020 203-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020-2203-Buckley Xmas Pajamas 2020-2

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Christmas Pajamas PJ Sat, 11 Dec 2021 13:45:00 GMT
Riley Hockey Senior Banner 2020-2021 We love creating these special "Extreme Banners" for our senior players.


Aiden McCue  20x30Aiden McCue 20x30 Austin Wheeler 20x30Austin Wheeler 20x30 Bryce Blondell  20x30Bryce Blondell 20x30 Jacob Beck  20x30Jacob Beck 20x30 Jacob Rush  20x30Jacob Rush 20x30 Jordan Armijo 20x30Jordan Armijo 20x30 Owen Ott  20x30-2Owen Ott 20x30-2 Owen Ott  20x30Owen Ott 20x30

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Banners Extreme High Hockey Riley School Senior SR Tue, 07 Dec 2021 12:45:00 GMT
Denise and Harry's Winter Wedding We got to know this couple from photographing their NHRA drag racing team, and their wedding was just as spectacular as the cars are fast!

Harry Denise-1Harry Denise-1 Harry Denise-2Harry Denise-2 Harry Denise-3Harry Denise-3 Harry Denise-4Harry Denise-4 Harry Denise-5Harry Denise-5 Harry Denise-6Harry Denise-6 Harry Denise-7Harry Denise-7 Harry Denise-8Harry Denise-8 Harry Denise-9Harry Denise-9 Harry Denise-10Harry Denise-10 Harry Denise-11Harry Denise-11 Harry Denise-12Harry Denise-12 Harry Denise-13Harry Denise-13 Harry Denise-14Harry Denise-14 Harry Denise-15Harry Denise-15 Harry Denise-16Harry Denise-16 Harry Denise-17Harry Denise-17 Harry Denise-18Harry Denise-18 Harry Denise-19Harry Denise-19 Harry Denise-20Harry Denise-20 Harry Denise-21Harry Denise-21 Harry Denise-22Harry Denise-22 Harry Denise-23Harry Denise-23 Harry Denise-24Harry Denise-24 Harry Denise-25Harry Denise-25 Harry Denise-26Harry Denise-26 Harry Denise-27Harry Denise-27 Harry Denise-28Harry Denise-28 Harry Denise-29Harry Denise-29 Harry Denise-30Harry Denise-30 Harry Denise-31Harry Denise-31 Harry Denise-32Harry Denise-32 Harry Denise-33Harry Denise-33 Harry Denise-34Harry Denise-34 Harry Denise-35Harry Denise-35 Harry Denise-36Harry Denise-36 Harry Denise-37Harry Denise-37 Harry Denise-38Harry Denise-38 Harry Denise-39Harry Denise-39 Harry Denise-40Harry Denise-40

(Digital Mitchell Photography) wedding Sun, 28 Nov 2021 01:00:00 GMT
Miranda and Cam's Engagement Session MirandaCamEngagement-1MirandaCamEngagement-1 MirandaCamEngagement-2MirandaCamEngagement-2 MirandaCamEngagement-3MirandaCamEngagement-3 MirandaCamEngagement-4MirandaCamEngagement-4 MirandaCamEngagement-5MirandaCamEngagement-5 MirandaCamEngagement-6MirandaCamEngagement-6 MirandaCamEngagement-7MirandaCamEngagement-7 MirandaCamEngagement-8MirandaCamEngagement-8 MirandaCamEngagement-9MirandaCamEngagement-9 MirandaCamEngagement-10MirandaCamEngagement-10 MirandaCamEngagement-11MirandaCamEngagement-11 MirandaCamEngagement-12MirandaCamEngagement-12 MirandaCamEngagement-13MirandaCamEngagement-13 MirandaCamEngagement-14MirandaCamEngagement-14 MirandaCamEngagement-15MirandaCamEngagement-15 MirandaCamEngagement-16MirandaCamEngagement-16 MirandaCamEngagement-17MirandaCamEngagement-17 MirandaCamEngagement-18MirandaCamEngagement-18 MirandaCamEngagement-19MirandaCamEngagement-19 MirandaCamEngagement-20MirandaCamEngagement-20 MirandaCamEngagement-21MirandaCamEngagement-21 MirandaCamEngagement-22MirandaCamEngagement-22 MirandaCamEngagement-23MirandaCamEngagement-23 MirandaCamEngagement-24MirandaCamEngagement-24 MirandaCamEngagement-25MirandaCamEngagement-25 MirandaCamEngagement-26MirandaCamEngagement-26 MirandaCamEngagement-27MirandaCamEngagement-27 MirandaCamEngagement-28MirandaCamEngagement-28

(Digital Mitchell Photography) engagement outside Sun, 07 Nov 2021 03:30:00 GMT
Congratulations Lindsay On your New Job We enjoy taking peoples pictures and we really enjoy taking pictures for people when they are going to use them for new jobs.  Lindsay just got a new job at a new hospital and needed a head shot for their business directory and her name badge.


22-Lindsay Tomkiewicz-Lo Res22-Lindsay Tomkiewicz-Lo Res

(Digital Mitchell Photography) head shot Mon, 18 Oct 2021 20:22:00 GMT
Brianna and Dylan's Wedding From the beginning, when we met this couple at the bridal show, we fell in love with them, it might have been that she is from Indiana U. and he is from Purdue U. like Dawn and I are, well just the opposite that is.

Brianna_Dylan-1Brianna_Dylan-1 Brianna_Dylan-2Brianna_Dylan-2 Brianna_Dylan-3Brianna_Dylan-3 Brianna_Dylan-4Brianna_Dylan-4 Brianna_Dylan-5Brianna_Dylan-5 Brianna_Dylan-6Brianna_Dylan-6 Brianna_Dylan-8Brianna_Dylan-8 Brianna_Dylan-9Brianna_Dylan-9 Brianna_Dylan-10Brianna_Dylan-10 Brianna_Dylan-11Brianna_Dylan-11 Brianna_Dylan-12Brianna_Dylan-12 Brianna_Dylan-13Brianna_Dylan-13 Brianna_Dylan-14Brianna_Dylan-14 Brianna_Dylan-15Brianna_Dylan-15 Brianna_Dylan-16Brianna_Dylan-16 Brianna_Dylan-17Brianna_Dylan-17 Brianna_Dylan-18Brianna_Dylan-18 Brianna_Dylan-19Brianna_Dylan-19 Brianna_Dylan-20Brianna_Dylan-20 Brianna_Dylan-21Brianna_Dylan-21 Brianna_Dylan-22Brianna_Dylan-22 Brianna_Dylan-23Brianna_Dylan-23 Brianna_Dylan-24Brianna_Dylan-24 Brianna_Dylan-25Brianna_Dylan-25 Brianna_Dylan-26Brianna_Dylan-26 Brianna_Dylan-27Brianna_Dylan-27 Brianna_Dylan-28Brianna_Dylan-28 Brianna_Dylan-29Brianna_Dylan-29 Brianna_Dylan-30Brianna_Dylan-30 Brianna_Dylan-31Brianna_Dylan-31 Brianna_Dylan-32Brianna_Dylan-32 Brianna_Dylan-33Brianna_Dylan-33 Brianna_Dylan-34Brianna_Dylan-34 Brianna_Dylan-35Brianna_Dylan-35 Brianna_Dylan-36Brianna_Dylan-36 Brianna_Dylan-37Brianna_Dylan-37 Brianna_Dylan-38Brianna_Dylan-38 Brianna_Dylan-39Brianna_Dylan-39 Brianna_Dylan-40Brianna_Dylan-40 Brianna_Dylan-41Brianna_Dylan-41 Brianna_Dylan-42Brianna_Dylan-42 Brianna_Dylan-43Brianna_Dylan-43 Brianna_Dylan-44Brianna_Dylan-44 Brianna_Dylan-45Brianna_Dylan-45 Brianna_Dylan-46Brianna_Dylan-46 Brianna_Dylan-47Brianna_Dylan-47 Brianna_Dylan-48Brianna_Dylan-48 Brianna_Dylan-49Brianna_Dylan-49 Brianna_Dylan-50Brianna_Dylan-50 Brianna_Dylan-51Brianna_Dylan-51 Brianna_Dylan-52Brianna_Dylan-52 Brianna_Dylan-53Brianna_Dylan-53 Brianna_Dylan-54Brianna_Dylan-54 Brianna_Dylan-55Brianna_Dylan-55 Brianna_Dylan-56Brianna_Dylan-56 Brianna_Dylan-57Brianna_Dylan-57 Brianna_Dylan-58Brianna_Dylan-58 Brianna_Dylan-59Brianna_Dylan-59 Brianna_Dylan-60Brianna_Dylan-60 Brianna_Dylan-61Brianna_Dylan-61 Brianna_Dylan-62Brianna_Dylan-62 Brianna_Dylan-63Brianna_Dylan-63 Brianna_Dylan-64Brianna_Dylan-64 Brianna_Dylan-65Brianna_Dylan-65 Brianna_Dylan-66Brianna_Dylan-66 Brianna_Dylan-67Brianna_Dylan-67 Brianna_Dylan-68Brianna_Dylan-68 Brianna_Dylan-69Brianna_Dylan-69 Brianna_Dylan-70Brianna_Dylan-70 Brianna_Dylan-71Brianna_Dylan-71 Brianna_Dylan-72Brianna_Dylan-72 Brianna_Dylan-73Brianna_Dylan-73 Brianna_Dylan-74Brianna_Dylan-74 Brianna_Dylan-75Brianna_Dylan-75 Brianna_Dylan-76Brianna_Dylan-76 Brianna_Dylan-77Brianna_Dylan-77 Brianna_Dylan-78Brianna_Dylan-78 Brianna_Dylan-79Brianna_Dylan-79 Brianna_Dylan-80Brianna_Dylan-80 Brianna_Dylan-81Brianna_Dylan-81 Brianna_Dylan-82Brianna_Dylan-82 Brianna_Dylan-83Brianna_Dylan-83 Brianna_Dylan-84Brianna_Dylan-84 Brianna_Dylan-85Brianna_Dylan-85 Brianna_Dylan-86Brianna_Dylan-86 Brianna_Dylan-87Brianna_Dylan-87 Brianna_Dylan-88Brianna_Dylan-88 Brianna_Dylan-89Brianna_Dylan-89 Brianna_Dylan-90Brianna_Dylan-90 Brianna_Dylan-91Brianna_Dylan-91 Brianna_Dylan-92Brianna_Dylan-92 Brianna_Dylan-93Brianna_Dylan-93 Brianna_Dylan-94Brianna_Dylan-94 Brianna_Dylan-95Brianna_Dylan-95 Brianna_Dylan-96Brianna_Dylan-96 Brianna_Dylan-97Brianna_Dylan-97 Brianna_Dylan-98Brianna_Dylan-98 Brianna_Dylan-99Brianna_Dylan-99 Brianna_Dylan-100Brianna_Dylan-100 Brianna_Dylan-101Brianna_Dylan-101 Brianna_Dylan-102Brianna_Dylan-102 Brianna_Dylan-103Brianna_Dylan-103 Brianna_Dylan-104Brianna_Dylan-104 Brianna_Dylan-105Brianna_Dylan-105 Brianna_Dylan-106Brianna_Dylan-106 Brianna_Dylan-107Brianna_Dylan-107 Brianna_Dylan-108Brianna_Dylan-108 Brianna_Dylan-109Brianna_Dylan-109 Brianna_Dylan-110ABrianna_Dylan-110A Brianna_Dylan-110BBrianna_Dylan-110B Brianna_Dylan-110CBrianna_Dylan-110C Brianna_Dylan-111Brianna_Dylan-111 Brianna_Dylan-112Brianna_Dylan-112 Brianna_Dylan-113Brianna_Dylan-113

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Jenee and Luciano Wedding We first got to photograph Jenee and Luciano and their little puppy dog when we met them up in South Haven, MI along the historic Kal-Haven trail, an old railroad track turned into a pedestrian trail.  It was a great way to get to know all of us, we had a fun filled day which was exactly how the wedding day went as well.  Everyone in the party  was fun and the day went great ending with a lovely outdoor reception under a big tent!

Jenee_Luciano-1Jenee_Luciano-1 Jenee_Luciano-2Jenee_Luciano-2 Jenee_Luciano-3Jenee_Luciano-3 Jenee_Luciano-4Jenee_Luciano-4 Jenee_Luciano-5Jenee_Luciano-5 Jenee_Luciano-6Jenee_Luciano-6 Jenee_Luciano-7Jenee_Luciano-7 Jenee_Luciano-8Jenee_Luciano-8 Jenee_Luciano-9Jenee_Luciano-9 Jenee_Luciano-10Jenee_Luciano-10 Jenee_Luciano-11Jenee_Luciano-11 Jenee_Luciano-12Jenee_Luciano-12 Jenee_Luciano-13Jenee_Luciano-13 Jenee_Luciano-14Jenee_Luciano-14 Jenee_Luciano-15Jenee_Luciano-15 Jenee_Luciano-16Jenee_Luciano-16 Jenee_Luciano-17Jenee_Luciano-17 Jenee_Luciano-18Jenee_Luciano-18 Jenee_Luciano-19Jenee_Luciano-19 Jenee_Luciano-20Jenee_Luciano-20 Jenee_Luciano-21Jenee_Luciano-21 Jenee_Luciano-22Jenee_Luciano-22 Jenee_Luciano-23Jenee_Luciano-23 Jenee_Luciano-24Jenee_Luciano-24 Jenee_Luciano-25Jenee_Luciano-25 Jenee_Luciano-26Jenee_Luciano-26 Jenee_Luciano-27Jenee_Luciano-27 Jenee_Luciano-28Jenee_Luciano-28 Jenee_Luciano-29Jenee_Luciano-29 Jenee_Luciano-30Jenee_Luciano-30 Jenee_Luciano-31Jenee_Luciano-31 Jenee_Luciano-32Jenee_Luciano-32 Jenee_Luciano-33Jenee_Luciano-33 Jenee_Luciano-34Jenee_Luciano-34 Jenee_Luciano-35Jenee_Luciano-35 Jenee_Luciano-36Jenee_Luciano-36

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Catherin and Michael's Wedding You are never too old to fall in love!  Catherine and Michael are a Hallmark movie in real life, they found each other, fell in love, and then got married Happily Ever After.  They had their reception in our favorite historic home; the Studebaker Mansion.

Catherine_Michael-1Catherine_Michael-1 Catherine_Michael-2Catherine_Michael-2 Catherine_Michael-3Catherine_Michael-3 Catherine_Michael-4Catherine_Michael-4 Catherine_Michael-5Catherine_Michael-5 Catherine_Michael-6Catherine_Michael-6 Catherine_Michael-7Catherine_Michael-7 Catherine_Michael-8Catherine_Michael-8 Catherine_Michael-9Catherine_Michael-9 Catherine_Michael-10Catherine_Michael-10 Catherine_Michael-11Catherine_Michael-11 Catherine_Michael-12Catherine_Michael-12 Catherine_Michael-13Catherine_Michael-13 Catherine_Michael-14Catherine_Michael-14 Catherine_Michael-15Catherine_Michael-15 Catherine_Michael-16Catherine_Michael-16 Catherine_Michael-17Catherine_Michael-17 Catherine_Michael-18Catherine_Michael-18 Catherine_Michael-19Catherine_Michael-19 Catherine_Michael-20Catherine_Michael-20 Catherine_Michael-21Catherine_Michael-21 Catherine_Michael-22Catherine_Michael-22 Catherine_Michael-23Catherine_Michael-23 Catherine_Michael-24Catherine_Michael-24 Catherine_Michael-25Catherine_Michael-25 Catherine_Michael-26Catherine_Michael-26 Catherine_Michael-27Catherine_Michael-27 Catherine_Michael-28Catherine_Michael-28 Catherine_Michael-29Catherine_Michael-29 Catherine_Michael-30Catherine_Michael-30 Catherine_Michael-31Catherine_Michael-31 Catherine_Michael-32Catherine_Michael-32 Catherine_Michael-33Catherine_Michael-33 Catherine_Michael-34Catherine_Michael-34 Catherine_Michael-35Catherine_Michael-35 Catherine_Michael-36Catherine_Michael-36 Catherine_Michael-37Catherine_Michael-37 Catherine_Michael-38Catherine_Michael-38 Catherine_Michael-39Catherine_Michael-39 Catherine_Michael-40Catherine_Michael-40 Catherine_Michael-41Catherine_Michael-41 Catherine_Michael-42Catherine_Michael-42 Catherine_Michael-43Catherine_Michael-43 Catherine_Michael-44Catherine_Michael-44 Catherine_Michael-45Catherine_Michael-45 Catherine_Michael-46Catherine_Michael-46 Catherine_Michael-47Catherine_Michael-47 Catherine_Michael-48Catherine_Michael-48 Catherine_Michael-49Catherine_Michael-49 Catherine_Michael-50Catherine_Michael-50 Catherine_Michael-51Catherine_Michael-51 Catherine_Michael-52Catherine_Michael-52 Catherine_Michael-53Catherine_Michael-53 Catherine_Michael-54Catherine_Michael-54 Catherine_Michael-55Catherine_Michael-55 Catherine_Michael-56Catherine_Michael-56 Catherine_Michael-57Catherine_Michael-57 Catherine_Michael-58Catherine_Michael-58 Catherine_Michael-59Catherine_Michael-59 Catherine_Michael-60Catherine_Michael-60 Catherine_Michael-61Catherine_Michael-61 Catherine_Michael-62Catherine_Michael-62 Catherine_Michael-63Catherine_Michael-63 Catherine_Michael-64Catherine_Michael-64 Catherine_Michael-65Catherine_Michael-65 Catherine_Michael-66Catherine_Michael-66 Catherine_Michael-67Catherine_Michael-67 Catherine_Michael-68Catherine_Michael-68 Catherine_Michael-69Catherine_Michael-69 Catherine_Michael-70Catherine_Michael-70 Catherine_Michael-71Catherine_Michael-71 Catherine_Michael-72Catherine_Michael-72 Catherine_Michael-73Catherine_Michael-73 Catherine_Michael-74Catherine_Michael-74 Catherine_Michael-75Catherine_Michael-75 Catherine_Michael-76Catherine_Michael-76 Catherine_Michael-77Catherine_Michael-77 Catherine_Michael-78Catherine_Michael-78 Catherine_Michael-79Catherine_Michael-79 Catherine_Michael-80Catherine_Michael-80 Catherine_Michael-81Catherine_Michael-81

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Sarah and Matt's Wedding Sarah was one of our first models, we got to know here from her ComicCon costumes.  Sarah was always one of our favorites to photograph as she always knew how to pose.  She introduced us to her fiancée Matt and we liked him from the first moment we met him, they make a perfect couple right down to his Dare Devil costume!


Sarah_Matt (1)Sarah_Matt (1) Sarah_Matt (2)Sarah_Matt (2) Sarah_Matt (3)Sarah_Matt (3) Sarah_Matt (4)Sarah_Matt (4) Sarah_Matt (5)Sarah_Matt (5) Sarah_Matt (6)Sarah_Matt (6) Sarah_Matt (7)Sarah_Matt (7) Sarah_Matt (8)Sarah_Matt (8) Sarah_Matt (9)Sarah_Matt (9) Sarah_Matt (10)Sarah_Matt (10) Sarah_Matt (11)Sarah_Matt (11) Sarah_Matt (12)Sarah_Matt (12) Sarah_Matt (13)Sarah_Matt (13) Sarah_Matt (14)Sarah_Matt (14) Sarah_Matt (15)Sarah_Matt (15) Sarah_Matt (16)Sarah_Matt (16) Sarah_Matt (17)Sarah_Matt (17) Sarah_Matt (18)Sarah_Matt (18) Sarah_Matt (19)Sarah_Matt (19) Sarah_Matt (20)Sarah_Matt (20) Sarah_Matt (21)Sarah_Matt (21) Sarah_Matt (22)Sarah_Matt (22) Sarah_Matt (23)Sarah_Matt (23) Sarah_Matt (24)Sarah_Matt (24) Sarah_Matt (25)Sarah_Matt (25) Sarah_Matt (26)Sarah_Matt (26) Sarah_Matt (27)Sarah_Matt (27) Sarah_Matt (28)Sarah_Matt (28) Sarah_Matt (29)Sarah_Matt (29) Sarah_Matt (30)Sarah_Matt (30) Sarah_Matt (31)Sarah_Matt (31) Sarah_Matt (32)Sarah_Matt (32) Sarah_Matt (33)Sarah_Matt (33) Sarah_Matt (34)Sarah_Matt (34) Sarah_Matt (35)Sarah_Matt (35) Sarah_Matt (36)Sarah_Matt (36) Sarah_Matt (37)Sarah_Matt (37) Sarah_Matt (38)Sarah_Matt (38) Sarah_Matt (39)Sarah_Matt (39) Sarah_Matt (40)Sarah_Matt (40) Sarah_Matt (41)Sarah_Matt (41) Sarah_Matt (42)Sarah_Matt (42) Sarah_Matt (43)Sarah_Matt (43) Sarah_Matt (44)Sarah_Matt (44) Sarah_Matt (45)Sarah_Matt (45) Sarah_Matt (46)Sarah_Matt (46) Sarah_Matt (47)Sarah_Matt (47) Sarah_Matt (48)Sarah_Matt (48) Sarah_Matt (49)Sarah_Matt (49) Sarah_Matt (50)Sarah_Matt (50) Sarah_Matt (51)Sarah_Matt (51) Sarah_Matt (52)Sarah_Matt (52) Sarah_Matt (53)Sarah_Matt (53) Sarah_Matt (54)Sarah_Matt (54) Sarah_Matt (55)Sarah_Matt (55) Sarah_Matt (56)Sarah_Matt (56) Sarah_Matt (57)Sarah_Matt (57) Sarah_Matt (58)Sarah_Matt (58) Sarah_Matt (59)Sarah_Matt (59) Sarah_Matt (60)Sarah_Matt (60) Sarah_Matt (61)Sarah_Matt (61) Sarah_Matt (62)Sarah_Matt (62) Sarah_Matt (63)Sarah_Matt (63) Sarah_Matt (64)Sarah_Matt (64) Sarah_Matt (65)Sarah_Matt (65) Sarah_Matt (66)Sarah_Matt (66) Sarah_Matt (67)Sarah_Matt (67) Sarah_Matt (68)Sarah_Matt (68) Sarah_Matt (69)Sarah_Matt (69) Sarah_Matt (70)Sarah_Matt (70) Sarah_Matt (71)Sarah_Matt (71) Sarah_Matt (72)Sarah_Matt (72) Sarah_Matt (73)Sarah_Matt (73) Sarah_Matt (74)Sarah_Matt (74) Sarah_Matt (75)Sarah_Matt (75) Sarah_Matt (76)Sarah_Matt (76) Sarah_Matt (77)Sarah_Matt (77) Sarah_Matt (78)Sarah_Matt (78) Sarah_Matt (79)Sarah_Matt (79) Sarah_Matt (80)Sarah_Matt (80) Sarah_Matt (81)Sarah_Matt (81) Sarah_Matt (82)Sarah_Matt (82) Sarah_Matt (83)Sarah_Matt (83) Sarah_Matt (84)Sarah_Matt (84) Sarah_Matt (85)Sarah_Matt (85) Sarah_Matt (86)Sarah_Matt (86) Sarah_Matt (87)Sarah_Matt (87) Sarah_Matt (88)Sarah_Matt (88) Sarah_Matt (89)Sarah_Matt (89) Sarah_Matt (90)Sarah_Matt (90) Sarah_Matt (91)Sarah_Matt (91) Sarah_Matt (92)Sarah_Matt (92) Sarah_Matt (93)Sarah_Matt (93) Sarah_Matt (94)Sarah_Matt (94) Sarah_Matt (95)Sarah_Matt (95) Sarah_Matt (96)Sarah_Matt (96) Sarah_Matt (97)Sarah_Matt (97) Sarah_Matt (98)Sarah_Matt (98) Sarah_Matt (99)Sarah_Matt (99) Sarah_Matt (100)Sarah_Matt (100) Sarah_Matt (101)Sarah_Matt (101) Sarah_Matt (102)Sarah_Matt (102) Sarah_Matt (103)Sarah_Matt (103) Sarah_Matt (104)Sarah_Matt (104) Sarah_Matt (105)Sarah_Matt (105) Sarah_Matt-105ASarah_Matt-105A
Sarah_Matt (106)Sarah_Matt (106)

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Patel's Pre-Indian-Wedding-Ceremony Wedding in other cultures are fascinating and wonderful, full of new and amazing traditions, and we love the dresses!



Patel_Ceremony-1Patel_Ceremony-1 Patel_Ceremony-2Patel_Ceremony-2 Patel_Ceremony-4Patel_Ceremony-4 Patel_Ceremony-5Patel_Ceremony-5 Patel_Ceremony-6Patel_Ceremony-6 Patel_Ceremony-7Patel_Ceremony-7 Patel_Ceremony-8Patel_Ceremony-8 Patel_Ceremony-9Patel_Ceremony-9 Patel_Ceremony-10Patel_Ceremony-10 Patel_Ceremony-11Patel_Ceremony-11 Patel_Ceremony-12Patel_Ceremony-12 Patel_Ceremony-13Patel_Ceremony-13 Patel_Ceremony-14Patel_Ceremony-14 Patel_Ceremony-15Patel_Ceremony-15 Patel_Ceremony-16Patel_Ceremony-16 Patel_Ceremony-17Patel_Ceremony-17 Patel_Ceremony-18Patel_Ceremony-18 Patel_Ceremony-19Patel_Ceremony-19 Patel_Ceremony-20Patel_Ceremony-20 Patel_Ceremony-21Patel_Ceremony-21 Patel_Ceremony-22Patel_Ceremony-22 Patel_Ceremony-23Patel_Ceremony-23 Patel_Ceremony-24Patel_Ceremony-24 Patel_Ceremony-25Patel_Ceremony-25 Patel_Ceremony-26Patel_Ceremony-26 Patel_Ceremony-27Patel_Ceremony-27 Patel_Ceremony-28Patel_Ceremony-28 Patel_Ceremony-29Patel_Ceremony-29 Patel_Ceremony-30Patel_Ceremony-30 Patel_Ceremony-31Patel_Ceremony-31 Patel_Ceremony-32Patel_Ceremony-32 Patel_Ceremony-33Patel_Ceremony-33 Patel_Ceremony-34Patel_Ceremony-34 Patel_Ceremony-35Patel_Ceremony-35 Patel_Ceremony-36Patel_Ceremony-36 Patel_Ceremony-37Patel_Ceremony-37 Patel_Ceremony-38Patel_Ceremony-38 Patel_Ceremony-39Patel_Ceremony-39 Patel_Ceremony-40Patel_Ceremony-40 Patel_Ceremony-41Patel_Ceremony-41 Patel_Ceremony-42Patel_Ceremony-42 Patel_Ceremony-43Patel_Ceremony-43 Patel_Ceremony-44Patel_Ceremony-44 Patel_Ceremony-45Patel_Ceremony-45 Patel_Ceremony-46Patel_Ceremony-46 Patel_Ceremony-47Patel_Ceremony-47 Patel_Ceremony-48Patel_Ceremony-48 Patel_Ceremony-49Patel_Ceremony-49 Patel_Ceremony-50Patel_Ceremony-50 Patel_Ceremony-51Patel_Ceremony-51 Patel_Ceremony-52Patel_Ceremony-52 Patel_Ceremony-53Patel_Ceremony-53 Patel_Ceremony-54Patel_Ceremony-54 Patel_Ceremony-55Patel_Ceremony-55 Patel_Ceremony-56Patel_Ceremony-56 Patel_Ceremony-57Patel_Ceremony-57

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Erica and Jacob WE love outdoor weddings, especially with these two lovebirds!


Erica-Jacob-010Erica-Jacob-010 Erica-Jacob-014Erica-Jacob-014 Erica-Jacob-025Erica-Jacob-025 Erica-Jacob-027Erica-Jacob-027 Erica-Jacob-030Erica-Jacob-030 Erica-Jacob-042Erica-Jacob-042 Erica-Jacob-056Erica-Jacob-056 Erica-Jacob-071Erica-Jacob-071 Erica-Jacob-079Erica-Jacob-079 Erica-Jacob-082Erica-Jacob-082 Erica-Jacob-096Erica-Jacob-096 Erica-Jacob-105-EditErica-Jacob-105-EditEverybody Jump for Joy! Erica-Jacob-107Erica-Jacob-107 Erica-Jacob-110Erica-Jacob-110 Erica-Jacob-116Erica-Jacob-116 Erica-Jacob-119Erica-Jacob-119 Erica-Jacob-120Erica-Jacob-120 Erica-Jacob-128Erica-Jacob-128 Erica-Jacob-131Erica-Jacob-131 Erica-Jacob-137Erica-Jacob-137 Erica-Jacob-141Erica-Jacob-141 Erica-Jacob-148Erica-Jacob-148 Erica-Jacob-153Erica-Jacob-153 Erica-Jacob-161Erica-Jacob-161 Erica-Jacob-163Erica-Jacob-163 Erica-Jacob-166Erica-Jacob-166 Erica-Jacob-177Erica-Jacob-177 Erica-Jacob-199Erica-Jacob-199 Erica-Jacob-200Erica-Jacob-200 Erica-Jacob-204Erica-Jacob-204 Erica-Jacob-206Erica-Jacob-206 Erica-Jacob-220Erica-Jacob-220 Erica-Jacob-226Erica-Jacob-226 Erica-Jacob-237Erica-Jacob-237 Erica-Jacob-268Erica-Jacob-268 Erica-Jacob-290Erica-Jacob-290 Erica-Jacob-293Erica-Jacob-293 Erica-Jacob-295Erica-Jacob-295 Erica-Jacob-304Erica-Jacob-304 Erica-Jacob-310Erica-Jacob-310 Erica-Jacob-320Erica-Jacob-320 Erica-Jacob-345Erica-Jacob-345 Erica-Jacob-349Erica-Jacob-349 Erica-Jacob-404Erica-Jacob-404 Erica-Jacob-419Erica-Jacob-419 Erica-Jacob-421Erica-Jacob-421 Erica-Jacob-450Erica-Jacob-450 Erica-Jacob-467Erica-Jacob-467 Erica-Jacob-474Erica-Jacob-474 Erica-Jacob-489Erica-Jacob-489 Erica-Jacob-545Erica-Jacob-545 Erica-Jacob-666Erica-Jacob-666 Erica-Jacob-671Erica-Jacob-671 Erica-Jacob-673Erica-Jacob-673 Erica-Jacob-676Erica-Jacob-676 Erica-Jacob-678Erica-Jacob-678 Erica-Jacob-682Erica-Jacob-682 Erica-Jacob-685Erica-Jacob-685 Erica-Jacob-692Erica-Jacob-692 Erica-Jacob-694Erica-Jacob-694 Erica-Jacob-697Erica-Jacob-697 Erica-Jacob-707Erica-Jacob-707 Erica-Jacob-709Erica-Jacob-709 Erica-Jacob-711Erica-Jacob-711 Erica-Jacob-716Erica-Jacob-716 Erica-Jacob-722Erica-Jacob-722 Erica-Jacob-726Erica-Jacob-726 Erica-Jacob-751Erica-Jacob-751 Erica-Jacob-762Erica-Jacob-762 Erica-Jacob-774Erica-Jacob-774 Erica-Jacob-780Erica-Jacob-780 Erica-Jacob-782Erica-Jacob-782 Erica-Jacob-785Erica-Jacob-785 Erica-Jacob-788Erica-Jacob-788 Erica-Jacob-793Erica-Jacob-793 Erica-Jacob-797Erica-Jacob-797 Erica-Jacob-820Erica-Jacob-820 Erica-Jacob-838Erica-Jacob-838 Erica-Jacob-854Erica-Jacob-854 Erica-Jacob-905Erica-Jacob-905 Erica-Jacob-980Erica-Jacob-980 Erica-Jacob-983Erica-Jacob-983 Erica-Jacob-1004Erica-Jacob-1004 Erica-Jacob-1025Erica-Jacob-1025 Erica-Jacob-1096Erica-Jacob-1096 Erica-Jacob-1140Erica-Jacob-1140 Erica-Jacob-1145Erica-Jacob-1145 Erica-Jacob-1162Erica-Jacob-1162

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Abby and Austin’s Engagement in the Sunflowers We took a little trip to the Sunflower fields  for Abby and Austin’s engagement session, and the flowers were in full bloom as was all their love!  The Sun was shining and their smiles were as bright as the sun.  These two make such a loving and fun couple, Michael and I had a blast out in the fields with them!

_O2A4641-E-Blog_O2A4641-E-Blog _O2A4650-E-Blog_O2A4650-E-Blog _O2A4659-E-Blog_O2A4659-E-Blog _O2A4699-E-Blog_O2A4699-E-Blog _O2A4792-E-Blog_O2A4792-E-Blog _O2A4797-E-Blog_O2A4797-E-Blog _O2A4841-E-Blog_O2A4841-E-Blog _O2A4844-E-Blog_O2A4844-E-Blog _O2A4860-E-Blog_O2A4860-E-Blog _O2A4971-E-Blog_O2A4971-E-Blog

(Digital Mitchell Photography) Engagement outside Wed, 21 Jul 2021 00:00:00 GMT
How Many Minutes of Video Can My Memory Card Hold? 16GB to 1TB How Many Minutes of Video Can My Memory Card Hold? 16GB to 1TB 

-Video resolution is shown as 4K, 2.7K, 1440, and 1080.
-Video format is based on MPEG-4/H.264.

Left column: 
-First number is video resolution (4K, 2,7K, etc.).
-Second number is aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3).
-Third set of numbers shows frame rate (24, 30, etc).

Here is the breakdown for the video capacities in minutes. (using a bitrate of 70)

Resolution 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
4K 16:9 24/30/60 28.8 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,800
4K 4:3 24/30 28.8 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,800
2.7K 16:9 24/30 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,843.2 3,600
2.7K 16:9 60/120 28.8 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,800
2.7K 4:3 24/30/60 28.8 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,800
1440P 4:3 24/30 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,843.2 3,600
1440P 4:3 60/120 28.8 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,800
1080P 16:9 24/30/60 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,843.2 3,600
1080P 16:9 120/240 28.8 57.6 115.2 230.4 460.8 921.6 1,800


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Welcome to the world Baby Ila To be able to photograph a persons beginning and watch them grow up to adulthood is a special thing.  As photographers, Michael and I are blessed with the ability to sometimes watch, and be part of, the mother growing up as well.  Jordan holds a special place in our hearts (along with her two brothers, whom Michael coached in hockey) and we are so thankful for being there to be able to capture her life's moments.  Below is the beginning of little Ila's modeling career with us.  ;-)




147-Jourdan Morris2147-Jourdan Morris2 18-Ila Mae Morris-Edit18-Ila Mae Morris-Edit 25-Ila Mae Morris25-Ila Mae Morris 26-Ila Mae Morris26-Ila Mae Morris 52-Ila Mae Morris52-Ila Mae Morris 58-Ila Mae Morris58-Ila Mae Morris 59-Ila Mae Morris59-Ila Mae Morris 78-Ila Mae Morris78-Ila Mae Morris 105-Ila Mae Morris105-Ila Mae Morris

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Jenee and Luciano's Engagement JeneeLucianoEngagement-1JeneeLucianoEngagement-1 JeneeLucianoEngagement-2JeneeLucianoEngagement-2 JeneeLucianoEngagement-3JeneeLucianoEngagement-3 JeneeLucianoEngagement-4JeneeLucianoEngagement-4 JeneeLucianoEngagement-5JeneeLucianoEngagement-5 JeneeLucianoEngagement-6JeneeLucianoEngagement-6 JeneeLucianoEngagement-7JeneeLucianoEngagement-7 JeneeLucianoEngagement-8JeneeLucianoEngagement-8 JeneeLucianoEngagement-9JeneeLucianoEngagement-9 JeneeLucianoEngagement-10JeneeLucianoEngagement-10 JeneeLucianoEngagement-11JeneeLucianoEngagement-11 JeneeLucianoEngagement-12JeneeLucianoEngagement-12 JeneeLucianoEngagement-13JeneeLucianoEngagement-13 JeneeLucianoEngagement-14JeneeLucianoEngagement-14 JeneeLucianoEngagement-15JeneeLucianoEngagement-15 JeneeLucianoEngagement-16JeneeLucianoEngagement-16 JeneeLucianoEngagement-17JeneeLucianoEngagement-17 JeneeLucianoEngagement-18JeneeLucianoEngagement-18 JeneeLucianoEngagement-19JeneeLucianoEngagement-19 JeneeLucianoEngagement-20JeneeLucianoEngagement-20 JeneeLucianoEngagement-21JeneeLucianoEngagement-21 JeneeLucianoEngagement-22JeneeLucianoEngagement-22 JeneeLucianoEngagement-23JeneeLucianoEngagement-23 JeneeLucianoEngagement-24JeneeLucianoEngagement-24 JeneeLucianoEngagement-25JeneeLucianoEngagement-25

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Kayla and Blakes Wedding Michael used to coach Blake in hockey and grew up with Kayla's step dad, so it was an honor to be able to be part of their wedding.

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Katelyn and Tim's Wedding We love Katelyn and Tim.  For the wedding gift to Tim Kaytelyn did a boudoir photo session with us and just ricked it, it was amazing.  We were then able to play paparazzi when she give it to him and and the expression on his face was wonderful! 

We love weddings with a bride that can bring the attitude to her photos as you will see from the reception group pictures!


KateTim-1KateTim-1 KateTim-2KateTim-2 KateTim-3KateTim-3 KateTim-4KateTim-4 KateTim-5KateTim-5 KateTim-6KateTim-6 KateTim-7KateTim-7 KateTim-9KateTim-9 KateTim-9bKateTim-9b KateTim-10KateTim-10 KateTim-10bKateTim-10b KateTim-11KateTim-11 KateTim-11bKateTim-11b KateTim-11cKateTim-11c KateTim-11dKateTim-11d KateTim-11eKateTim-11e KateTim-11fKateTim-11f KateTim-12KateTim-12 KateTim-13KateTim-13 KateTim-14KateTim-14 KateTim-15KateTim-15 KateTim-16KateTim-16 KateTim-17KateTim-17 KateTim-18KateTim-18 KateTim-19KateTim-19 KateTim-21KateTim-21 KateTim-22KateTim-22 KateTim-22bKateTim-22b KateTim-23KateTim-23 KateTim-24KateTim-24 KateTim-25KateTim-25 KateTim-26KateTim-26 KateTim-27KateTim-27 KateTim-28KateTim-28 KateTim-29KateTim-29 KateTim-30KateTim-30 KateTim-32KateTim-32


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Angie and Carter's Engagement Session Angie and Carter-031Angie and Carter-031 Angie and Carter-066Angie and Carter-066 Angie and Carter-067Angie and Carter-067 Angie and Carter-069Angie and Carter-069 Angie and Carter-080Angie and Carter-080 Angie and Carter-084-EditAngie and Carter-084-Edit Angie and Carter-084Angie and Carter-084 Angie and Carter-085Angie and Carter-085 Angie and Carter-090Angie and Carter-090 Angie and Carter-093Angie and Carter-093 Angie and Carter-098Angie and Carter-098 Angie and Carter-107Angie and Carter-107 Angie and Carter-111Angie and Carter-111 Angie and Carter-113Angie and Carter-113 Angie and Carter-114Angie and Carter-114 Angie and Carter-116Angie and Carter-116 Angie and Carter-126Angie and Carter-126 Angie and Carter-130Angie and Carter-130 Angie and Carter-140Angie and Carter-140 Angie and Carter-160Angie and Carter-160 Angie and Carter-161Angie and Carter-161

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Michaela's 1st Communion Michaela's 1st communionMichaela's 1st communion
It is Easter Season, and Michael and I love capturing the memories of a child's first communion.  Michaela's dress was just beautiful!  She is and was a delight to work with. 

Here is a little behind the scenes video we did of her photo session:  Michaela's BTS video


What is the sacrament of First Communion:

The sacrament of First Communion is an important tradition for Catholic families and individuals. For Latin Church Catholics, Holy Communion is usually the third of seven sacraments received; it occurs only after receiving Baptism, and once the person has reached the age of reason (usually, around the second grade). First confession (the first sacrament of penance) must preced