Michiana Premier Real Estate Photography and Video Service

real estate photographyMichiana Real Estate PhotographyAllow us to photograph your house.

First impressions matter when it comes to attracting the right buyer for your home, having high quality images displayed of your home is very important.

Our experienced photographers will photograph your house and provide you with fully edited images within 24 hours.  We will upload them to your very own album on our website for you to download directly.  If you want actual prints we can accommodate you with custom printing also.

We typically provide you with at least two angles of each room, more if the room warrants it. Our images are taken in an orderly flow of the property going from room to room and floor to floor with hallways and stairs in between to help guide the viewer to help them get a better idea of the home.


Our prices start at just $100 for a 1,500 sq ft or less home, please contact us for a complete list of prices and options, we would love to speak with you and learn what type and style of images you want.


Your time is valuable so we will make ourselves available to you to fit your schedule. Simply call us and we will put you on the schedule.  We typically only need about one day notice to put your house on our schedule, every attempt will be made to photograph your house when you want.

Turnaround Time:

We typically can complete the photo shoot of your house in about one to two hours, we generally have your finished images ready for you to download in 24 hours.

Areal Drone Stills and Video:

We can provide areal stills as well as areal video of your listings.

We have licensed drone pilots through the FAA! Meaning we can legally operate for commercial use, and you do not have to worry about being fined or breaking any federal laws.  (There are some areas that are restricted and require pre-approval to legally fly over, especially near airports.)



Areal real estate photographyDrone PhotographyLet us capture your house and the surrounding area from above with our drones.


A Video walkthrough  of your house allows the prospective buyer to better get a feel of the property and the flow from room to room.  We will take them on a tour of the inside and outside of the home.  The video can be of any length depending we can edit it to your instructions or allow us to give you a finished product ready to distribute.


We can create a slideshow of your images for you.


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