Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much are your services? 

They start at $100 and go up from there depending on the square footage of your home. You can also purchase additional items to help improve your listing for example: Twilight, Aerials, sky swaps, window pulls etc. 

Q:  How much lead time do you need?

Generally we like 48 hours, but if you have a rush listing or we are trying to beat the weather, then we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Q: What is your turnaround time, how soon will I get the photos back? 

In MOST cases, the very next day if we are just doing stills!  More complicated shoots or video may require additional time to process.

Q: How long will the photos be online? 

We’ll store them in your on-line album for 6 months.

Q: Are you able to stage the property? 

At this time we are not offering staging services.

Q: What needs to be done before you arrive on site? 

Ensure all lights and lamps are on, and fans are off. Also, make sure there is no indications of pets, such as water and food bowls, doggy blankets, etc. Take any covers off grills or patio furniture and have water features on, if there are any. Make sure counter tops are decluttered and clean. Make sure bathrooms are also decluttered especially towels and bathrobes also remove any hygiene items from showers and counters. 

Q: What if I need to cancel? 

We understand how hectic things can be and how some homeowners change the plans. So if you need to cancel more than 24 hours out, just contact us and we’ll reschedule you. If you cancel within 24 hours,  we reserve the right to issue a $75 cancellation fee added to the invoice once rescheduled.

Q: What about bad weather? 

Overcast days are perfectly fine for us, we still shoot. In most cases, we’ll replace the sky and you’ll never be able to tell! But if it’s raining, snowing or just too bad to photograph, we’ll simply reschedule for the next available date.

Q: Can you make the grass  "green?" 

We will do our best to make the grass  "green" and "patch" poor spots as best we can to make it look realistic upon request.

Q: If something in the photo is distracting, can you edit it out? 

We will do our best to make sure that before we take a photograph that anything within our control that might be distracting is dealt with at that time.  However, if you feel something needs to be Photoshoped just ask and we will tell you what can or can not be done.

Q: I got a listing from another agent/broker. Can I just use the same photos? 

Unfortunately, no. However, you can purchase Usage Rights to a shoot already completed for 50% of the original shoot fee. We do this to be fair for all parties involved, since one party has already paid for them and another will be benefiting from them. Digital Mitchell  owns the photos at all times and retains rights as such. 

Q: Do you shoot commercial properties as well? 

Yes we do! Just contact us with the details and we’ll get you a price!