Event photography that fits your budget!

Our mission is to photograph your small, medium or large event at a reasonable price and with a high degree of professionalism. 

Why you ask?

Simple: we feel that there are many events that don't get photographed because people feel that it would be too expensive to hire a professional photographer. Or, that their event is not special enough to warrant a photographer. We wanted to offer those individuals and companies an affordable solution by offering our photographic services to them.

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We would love to talk, text, or type, to you about your special event, we can even help you with planning some of the details!
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Hello we are Michael and Dawn Mitchell and we are a husband and wife team who photograph all of our events together. Since we are a married couple & we love to photograph with each other, you get two photographers at your event. This way we can get two different angles as well as two different perspectives.

Michael & I are a very engaging pair of photographers; we love to interact with our subjects, talk with them, laugh with them (generally at Michael’s bad jokes) and just plain be in the moment with them.  This allows us to capture the real them.

We make it a point to give our clients exactly what they want and because we have photographed so many diverse events and subjects, we come into the shoot knowing what to expect.

As photographers we are very passionate about our work, we are always seeking out new education and training as well as just experimenting on our own so that we can deliver exceptional images to our clients. 

Michael and I love photographing in our studio because we have the ability to control everything from lighting to backdrops to hair, makeup and wardrobe, however we also love going on location and shooting out in the field.

We are so passionate and engaging with our clients, we tend to make new and lasting friendships with them, so that is another reason we love getting new clients because we end up with new friends.




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